Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's the Word

I'll have more to say later about this day - the usual breakfast in bed and whining about how "since it's mother's day - MOM should take out the garbage..." but for now I just wanted to share something my friend Sally shared with me, and the cards I made for my Mom and Mom-in-law. The card designs were inspired by my Sis-in-law Sharie (and I can't remember whom she was inspired by, but she's good... I'll update later when I'm not in a hurry...)
The card details:

Patterned Paper - Melissa Frances

Scallop (Threading Water) Punch - Fiskars (Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah... back ordered until July, I'm told... I LOVE mine! Thanks Sis!)

Cardstock - Bazzill

Lace Paper - KI Memories

Ink - Color Box

Chipboard - Technique Tuesday

Paint & Felt Flowers, buttons - Making Memories

Stickles - Ranger

Velvet Stickers - American Crafts

Velvet Flowers - Maya Road

Crocheted Flowers & Stick Pins - Can't remember right now... but the same co.

Half Pearl flower center - K & Co.

Ribbons - Unknown

And now the message that Sally shared, which was shared at her church:

A Special Prophetic Word for Mothers:

All mothers pour themselves out for their children. It is the beautiful nurturing essence that I put into you. When I created Eve, I saved the best for last. The inner grace, beauty and presence of a woman is more captivating than anything else in creation. I made you to flourish and blossom in a way that is uniquely feminine and mysterious.

It is a wonderfully sweet fragrance in My nostrils when you care, comfort, and nurture those around you-especially when it is exercised in faith: knowing that in your human thinking there's just nothing left to give. All your aspirations for your children and your selfless giving to meet their needs are a reflection of My heart for you. My desire is that you know and experience My love for you. Your love for your children is great, yes, it is great.... and My love for you is even greater.

Every time you make a choice to put your children's needs above your own, you are reflecting My heart-and I love that. I love and treasure each opportunity to give to you in the same way. Continue to allow Me to bless and heal your hearts as you walk with Me. I especially love the times we spend together. You are living sacrifices and I accept your worship. I breathe it in deeply with a smile on my face.

I intimately know each and every one of you. You've heard that I've carved your name in the palm of My hand. I have your picture on my "refrigerator." I tell you this: not one kissed knee, not one meal prepared, not one paper signed, not one event planned, not one errand run, and not one storybook read has escaped My notice. Well done.

~Author Unknown


  1. Gorgeous cards! Hope your day was great Hot Mama!!!

    Christina S

  2. These are just gorgeous, Sara! My inspiration was from Keisha Campbell, so glad you were also inspired. Happy Mothers' Day, Sis!

  3. AWESOME, so pretty!!!!!! Haven't made a card yet but I so love looking at yours. Cannot wait to hear about why you needed to take out the trash on Mother's Day....I feel a laugh coming on already!!!!!! Hugs, Heather S.

  4. Why do you think it's called a BLOG!


    Your not making me laugh these dayz! ;0/

    Start it..or stop it..or do something already!


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