Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm At A Loss

Finally moving again! Seems like I sat at the same weight (only I WASN'T sittin') for quite some time. I do believe I have "the holidays" to blame for that. The good news is, I didn't gain over the holidays - although I did enjoy the many flavors of the season. I think it helps that, A) I've successfully raised my metabolism by adding more muscle, and 2) I made adjustments to my daily intake when I indulged in something that was less than healthy. For example - if I ate a gallon of homemade caramel corn for breakfast (milk optional) that should have been shipped in a gift... then I made sure I only had salad and fresh veggies for other meals that day. And C) I was a good girl at the gym in December. I logged 14 visits and they were only open 21 days. I never go on Sabbath - so that left 18 possible days. So 14 of 18 is pretty good for a busy month like December!

Yesterday I picked up a new scale at Costco with a $10 off coupon. It's a nice scale with big digital numbers and measures to the tenth of a pound. I like to jump on before I go to the bathroom and then again after - just to see... you know... Probably too much information there - but I bet you'd do it too...

I've finally lost about 5 more pounds and I'm just over 9 pounds to my first GOAL! (which is 51 pounds lost - or just over the half way mark...) Yeah - I probably should have set the first goal a little more in reach, but I didn't. Don't worry - I've been rewarding myself for a job well done all along...

People keep asking me how I'm doing this - telling me of their "juicing", "points" or "magic soup". I'm not doing anything like that. I firmly believe in the LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I'm not going to make any changes now that I'm not willing to maintain for the rest of my life. For example, I refuse to live a life without REAL chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, and pizza! I just need to control my portions and frequency.

Here's what I believe:
  • It's OK to have a big 'ol piece of cheesecake - but not more than once a month or so
  • Dessert isn't necessary every day
  • Chocolate isn't a dessert
  • It's OK to not clean your plate (but don't take so much next time)
  • Restaurants serve portions that are way too large - that's two meals, not one
  • Turns out there really are 4 servings in a pint of B&J ice cream...
  • Diet foods are a rip off - the real thing is better for you
  • You can lower your cholesterol without drugs - mine dropped 81 points in 4 months
  • Oatmeal (when properly prepared) is yummy
  • God knew what He was doing when He gave us taste buds
  • Keep your "lite" stuff - I prefer flavor over portion size
  • "Low Fat" means "more carbs" which equals more fat in the long run anyway
  • Regular salad dressing is fine - just measure it
  • Water is a lifesaver - you probably aren't hungry - you're thirsty!
  • The elliptical machine can be overcome!!!
  • 1 pound of fat = 3,500 calories - that's not so much really (coming or going...)
  • Cottage cheese was never meant to actually be consumed
  • Bread is good for you - Whole grains really taste better
  • "no carbs" is crap... and bad nutrition
  • It's more fun to chew calories rather than drink them
  • Exercise isn't all bad (especially if your gym doesn't allow children)
  • No pain - no pain
  • Working hard feels good - but sweat still suques
  • Moderation in all things - yes, including chocolate
  • Prayer is probably the least utilized weight loss tool - and it WORKS the best!

One last thing - I've moved my weight loss "ticker" up where it can be a better motivation to any of you that want to join me on my last 59 pounds. (See right...)

It's not too late to start for this year... Who's with me???


  1. Sara,
    Wow!! I'm so glad for you. What an accomplishment, truly. I just love your list. You always make me giggle. Ü
    Keep up the great lifestyle changes.

    (Told ya' I check your blog often!)

  2. Hey girl...I am with ya. I started a walking regimen. I got a pedometer and am walking anywhere I can due to various hardships the Lord is helping me turn into blessings. I am also adding more water intake. So I am gonna see where I am this evening when I shower cause today will be 2 weeks since I started my program.

  3. Good job Sara--

    Now you're motivating me to get my butt moving. I should look into that ticker thing...

  4. Ok, ok... it's been 8 days now. Time for another post.



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