Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bad Things to Good People

I have a cousin that was told a little over a week ago that she has lymphoma. We now know that it's non-Hodgkin type B and rapidly growing - but very treatable.

Scripture tells us that nothing comes to us that hasn’t gotten God’s stamp of approval and also that nothing will come to us that we can’t handle if we call on Him. It’s not my job to make any assumptions for why what's happening is happening, but my job is to minister where I can. I know that right now, this minute, I can pray for Margie, her doctors, her new husband of only four months, and her parents.

It sounds trite, but I’m reminded of the quote, “that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” That strength lies in Jesus and our relationship with Him.

Be careful what you ask for - ask the Lord to bring you closer to Him and you may end up in a situation where the only place you have to turn is to Him. You'll be so much better for it, but the lesson in the meanwhile may be very hard to take. But be assured - you'll be closer to Him.

Prayer should be the first thing we do - every day, every hour, every minute - to pray without stopping (1Thessalonians. 5:17). Prayer that just second naturedly falls from our lips or weaves in and out of our thoughts all day. Conversations with God that start when we wake and sometimes don't end until we lay our head back on the pillow at night.

Why on earth do we tend to save prayer for when we've exhausted all of our own puny efforts? It doesn't matter what we do anyway. God' is in charge!

And so, I can take comfort in Margie's diagnosis - that our Heavenly Father knows exactly what's going on here. He approved this affliction before it ever befell her and He'll bring her through it. And if it all goes the way that it should - bad or good - HE will be glorified.

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