Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Out To Play

I’m going out to play tonight! One of the homeschool moms has started a cropping group two Tuesday nights a month and I’m feeling much better and I’m going head out for a break.

It’s been a rough month for sure. I’m still having some pain in my left arm but it’s MUCH better after my chiro visit yesterday. They now think there are two overlapping problems – one with the neck and back spasms and one with pinched nerves in my shoulder since I’m still having numbness in two fingers. The arm still aches but NOTHING compared to what it was…it was like having labor pains in my arm all the time (which sounds a little weird…) that kind of pain you just rock through you know? My neck is much better – still not 100% on my range of motion but it’s not in constant pain any more.

The best news is my babies’ daddy has signed us up for insurance. Still can’t afford the monthly premiums but in the long run this year it will be cheaper – especially since I’ve been seeing doctors for 2-3 visits every week for the last month! It’s looking very much like I’ll be able to have surgery sometime this year to reduce my problems…

I started back to the gym last week – boy is THAT different… after having not been for nearly a month – my left arm is so weak that I’ve gone from 30 reps at 30 pounds down to about 5 reps with 10 pounds on some of the upper body machines. It’s definitely a re-strengthening process.

Prayer is good medicine – got lots of people praying for me and I sure appreciate it!

It will be good to get out tonight – haven’t been much of anywhere for a month except the doctor. I haven’t even been down the road to Wal-Mart for more than a month!

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