Friday, August 10, 2012

25 Random Thoughts

There was an open invitation to do a “random things” blog post on my bestie’s blog and I’m taking it!

  1. I’m a terrible blogger if you use normal blogger standards, but I see my blog as mostly a place to “journal” my memories (and sometimes be a platform for what I’m passionate about…) So – not such a bad blogger after all.
  2. I tend to be wordy but I find that endearing about myself. Don’t you? What?
  3. Few things set my teeth on edge more than bad grammar and misspellings. It drives me up the wall.
  4. I’m horrible at grammar, punctuation and spelling. I even have spell check on Facebook.
  5. I have particular trouble with apostrophe’s…
  6. And I use ellipses too much…
  7. I spend too much time on Facebook and hate it at the same time.
  8. (There’s a lot of bad grammar on Facebook…)
  9. I use parentheses too often as well.
  10. I frequently cause my own inner conflict. Or, maybe I don’t.
  11. I like to travel, even road trips, and I could be ready to go on a trip in a matter of minutes – I’m nearly packed all the time. I’m waiting for my husband to whisk me away at a moments notice.
  12. My trip with my husband to New York City in April/May was the best trip ever! I frequently think of it fondly and can hardly wait to go again.IMG_20120503_103842
  13. My computer crashed/fried early this summer and I lost several blog post drafts about my NYC trip. I’m so obsessive/compulsive that I have a hard time going back and writing posts out of order. Thus, the lack of posts about NYC. Then I figure, nobody else really cares anyway.Brooklyn Bridge
  14. Our recent trip for two weeks in Missouri at the family spot on the lake was great too. On the Lake Summer 2012
  15. I brought home a couple of boxes of teacups and saucers that used to be my great grandmother’s.
  16. Washing china and rearranging my china cabinet makes me want to have a tea party.Favorite Teacups and Saucers
  17. I’m planning a Back to (Home) School tea party for my fellow homeschooling moms later this month. (Any excuse for a party…)
  18. Sometimes I have parties so that I will be forced to clean my house.
  19. I don’t really “like” tea. Just the ritual of tea. Tea is pretty much just dirty water in my book.
  20. Ice water is my go-to drink. If I run out of ice I don’t drink water. That’s bad.
  21. I don’t like lemon or lime in my ice water either. Again – just dirty water.
  22. Pop (or soda) gives me hiccups and makes my teeth squeak. I avoid it (unless the water tastes bad.)
  23. Sometimes, when I’m out to eat, if a soda comes with my meal, I just get water anyway. Unless I get tea.
  24. If I get tea, it’s got a lot of sweetener and some other fruity flavor. Which really makes it more of a watered down juice.
  25. I guess I prefer iced tea over hot tea. I just need to serve my iced tea in pretty teacups. With scones. And little sandwiches. And dessert…DSCN5135
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  1. I like seeing your pictures of NYC. I think we should drop the husbands and whisk ourselves off somewhere at a moment's notice. I'm ready for a girl's weekend! Lisa~ (aka bestie)


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