Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bread of Life in 52 Manageable Bites

I keep finding other things to do besides write another blog post – but this is too important to procrastinate any longer.heart_shaped_bible.preview

I decided that I’m finally going to read through the entire Bible in a year and I’m taking my kids along for the ride. One should not get to the ripe old age of whatever it is that I’m up to now having not read the Word from front to back all the way through. If you’re not a “believer” please don’t leave just yet. I have a double-dog dare for you.

My husband wasn’t in automatic agreement with me on this one. His main problem with the idea is that a year isn’t enough time to absorb all of what the God’s Word has to offer. I agree. A year isn’t nearly long enough and it can be a very rushed process. In fact, after having started already I for sure wouldn’t recommend trying to do it in any less time (though I originally wanted to push it to six months). I’ve seen programs for 90 days and I think that’s just showboating – just doing it to say you’ve done it isn’t the way to approach the Word of God. You need to give Him time to reach you with His Word. You wouldn’t try to eat all your meals for the week on one day, would you? It’s too much too fast even though it is ultimately what you need.

I know we’re almost two weeks into this new year, but this is really something that you can start at ANY time. Don’t put it off another day. Besides – nobody promised you tomorrow… Go find yourself a translation that you’re comfortable reading (there are dozens to try out at and get started. What’s the best translation? The one you’re READING regularly. I’m most comfortable with the New King James Version (NKJV) or the “new” New International Version (NIV) but there are many out there that read a little more easily.

This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted this great task. In the past I’ve gotten bogged down (right about in the book of Numbers…) and I’ve let the goal slip away. Well, this time I’ve found a great schedule that groups relevant Scripture together and gives you the entire story chronologically. AND it’s broken into 52 weekly “assignments” with little check boxes and everything. You can find the plan at It’s the TILE plan.

Now, if you’re an atheist or agnostic you may not give the Bible credit for being anything more than a historical book with some weird and fantastic stories, (and some ideas good enough to build entire governments and countries on…) If that’s the case, then I challenge you to treat it as you would any other best-selling work of fiction. Read it through. One more thing – each time you pick it up to read I’d like you to say, “God – if you’re real then prove it to me and show me the truth”.

I’ll write more about this as I go along, but just in case you can’t get to it right now, here’s the readings for the first week:

  • Ecclesiastes
  • Psalm 8
  • Psalm 19
  • Psalm 65
  • Psalm 77
  • Genesis 1-11:9

I’ll try to find a place to regularly post the readings for the week, but you can always go to and print your own calendar (and journal pages if you want those too…)

Won’t you join me? It’ll give us something worthwhile to talk about! Let’s spend some time in the morning and evenings seeking Truth and growth in Christ. As I’ve learned in Ecclesiastes…everything else is vanity.

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  1. Good Luck and Enjoy the challenge!
    I h ave been a Christian for 35 yrs. I have not read front to back all in 11 sitting, but I have read and memorized one thing or another at one time or another. I have never had the desire to read straight from Gen to Rev though. maybe one day God will put that on my heart to do

    I do have a chroonological bible I want to read through. I got to Leviticus then started an in-depth bible study on Daniel... then the minor prophets.. now 1 Corinthians.....
    I should go back to the Chron.Bible though.....

    Kimberly- quasi-unschooling 3 boys.

    (via HHH)

  2. Very cute blog. And love your decorating!!! Can you come help me?? ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sharing the comment love. ~ Jen @

  3. We finished it last year (the first time we actually made it through) and have started again at the beginning. It's new again. It's amazing! Lisa~


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