Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mr. Ed’s

The other day we made a little trek to a place my kids tell me I used to go all the time with my Grampa. Honestly, I don’t remember it at all – but my mother tells them I’ve been here and I have no reason to doubt it, I just don’t remember it. My KIDS remember it, though. They’ve been here with their grandparents. And so it goes. Even if the shakes were bad we’d probably still come here.DSCN1945

DSCN1946It’s a popular joint with a “regular” crowd – you know the kind… they know what you want when you walk in the door. It smells like heaven (if there’s fried food in heaven, which I’m sure there must be,) and sounds like the 50’s inside and out with a speaker playing to those that use the walk-up service window rather than going in where the swamp cooler keeps it comfy.DSCN1911

DSCN1910DSCN1928The shakes are thick, the Suzy Q’s are crisp and soft in all the right places and the soft-serve twist cones are extra big. Just the way we like it.DSCN1943

It’s almost worth the 12 hour drive from home – at least for the high marks on the nostalgia factor scale.


  1. Oh, this makes me miss Krum's in Comfort! Or even Pampell's in Kerrville back in the day when they were really good. Happy y'all are able to escape the heat for awhile. I'd say "have fun" but that's obviously not needed!

  2. When I was a kid it was Tinsley's Chicken in Bryan. I wonder if it's still there. I'm so glad you all are having some nostalgic adventures. Lisa~


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