Monday, July 11, 2011

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

The other day we took a ride up to Kansas City to pick my babies’ daddy up at the airport. We gave ourselves a buffer of an hour just in case we needed to make an emergency potty or shopping stop.

Good thing. We had an emergency potty stop and the only place I could find was this store.


It was a sacrifice – but we walked every aisle.




and tasted the samples placed strategically around the store…DSCN2882

No… not everything was out as a sample. We would have stayed a lot longer if these had been.DSCN2883


And we did a fair amount of purchasing too… DSCN2880

It just wouldn’t feel right to use the bathrooms (and eat the samples) and then not make a purchase. I’m doing what I can to teach my kids well.


  1. I think it is nice that you spent some money after they helped you out. Speaking as a retailer, people have very little respect or appreciation any more. It was a good thing you done. Richard from My Old Historic House, and you have them a free add!

  2. Such sacrifices you make as a mum, don't you!!
    That looks like an amazingly delicious store - we don't have them here in Scotland, but if I needed a potty stop..... that's where I'd want to stop too!

  3. I am so glad you are teaching your kids good manners. It was absolutely necessary that you make a purchase at the candy store.

    Your pictures are great. Lisa~

  4. Sara,

    I love Russell Stover's Cashew Patties; I can certainly see why you saw the need to purchase something. I mean, you know, to be a good example for your children. :-)


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