Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyond Seuss

I’ve always loved reading. Since the days when I would hold my Little Golden books upside down in my lap, pointing at the pictures and making up gibberish, up until just hours before my first child arrived on the scene.

But ever since that first guy got here it seems I haven’t made time for reading like I used to. Except, of course, for the occasional “What to Expect” answer, quick articles in magazines and the actual reading I have done with my children. Certainly there are many other things to blame for this lack of reading time… Television and DVD, the computer, books on tape and CD, and just busyness in general – not just the kids. I guess maybe I just turned my interest elsewhere.

Naturally, at the beginning of a new year, we evaluate what changes or adjustments need to be made in our lives with the offering of a “clean slate” before us. For 2011 I’ve resolved to deepen my relationship with my Savior and to not be shy about sharing what I know about the free gift of salvation with those I come into contact with.  I happen to believe that one of the best ways to solidify my relationship with Christ is by reading. First and foremost, reading Scripture, and then other books that point to Scripture and encourage us to better ourselves. Sometimes these can even be cookbooks or books that advise us how to dress “thinner”.

To rekindle this relationship with books I won’t have to visit a bookstore or even a library – I’ve got quite a collection putting a sway in my shelves and stacked in teetering piles on my bedside table. Don’t be misled… Just because I’ve quit reading doesn’t by any means suggest that I quit buying books. Oh no… quite the contrary. In fact – there have been times that I purchased more than one (or four) copies of the SAME book simply because it came highly recommend, the price was right for sharing. or because I had wanted to embark on the reading adventure with a friend.

So here’s what I pledge to you. I’m going to read more and share more. And when I say, “share more” I mean I’m going to share my books, literally.  When I read a new book I’ll give you a quick review and then, if I have additional copies, or feel like I’m “done” with a book, or can’t remember who I borrowed it from, I’ll do a random drawing from the comments received and send a copy (or more if I have them) to the winner. (Just kidding about the borrowed ones…)

To start, I’m reading two little books written by E.G. White. The first is Happiness For Life. It was first published as Steps to Christ and a bestseller for more than 100 years. Happiness For Life is updated for the twenty-first century reader and my boys will be reading it with me. The second is a bit of a companion book, though it certainly could stand on its own. True Revival: The Church’s Greatest Need. True Revival combines the little book A New Life, (originally published as Revival and Beyond) with several chapters on revival and reformation taken from Selected Messages, book 1. Our church is using this second book as a topic for our mid-week meetings – so we’ll be reading it as a family in the evenings.

There’s a chance that many of you might already own these books. If you do, I invite you to read along with me and we’ll be Happy, Revived and Reformed together Smile. How could that possibly be a bad thing?

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  1. What a great new way to brighten your new year....can't wait to read your reviews!

    We need to get together soon....miss you!!!!

    :) Heather


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