Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wheel is Spinning, But the Hamster is Dead..

I'm tired.

Yes... I've been back from my vacation for only a week and aside from unpacking and getting stuff put away, I'm feeling very far behind. But life goes on and so must I.

I'm desperately trying to find the time to catch you up on the last month of my life(s) with photos and a run down of the action, but the time is just not coming to me... except for maybe right now while I sit here next to my daughter at a little after 1 a.m. while she talks my ears bloody.

You see, she's been under the weather (is there really any other place to be???) during the day for the last two days - running a low to moderate fever and just feeling puny in general. This has led to some late afternoon and early evening naps - and she wakes feeling much better, resulting in some very late nights. Last night was particularly strange as she seemed to be having some mild hallucinations as well. A dose of Ibuprofen and a season of prayer later she was doing much better and I tucked her roasting body in bed next to me until about 9:30 this morning. Uh... I mean yesterday morning.

She's finally decided she's tired again and has wandered off to bed leaving me here with an unfinished post.

Better judgment tells me I should be tying ribbons on little acetate boxes filled with gold foil wrapped chocolates. I've got two of them done - only 97 to go (one of the boxes was defective...) My in-laws will be married for 50 years this month, and wherever you turn in my sCrap room you'll land your eyes on something with "gold" on it. More to come...

Tomorrow (later today) I'll pick my sis-in-law and two youngest nephews (I've only been blessed with nephews) at the airport and we'll begin their trip here with errand running to places like Hobby Lobby and Party City and then wrap up with a gourmet dinner at Costco.

So, yes, I'm tired. But the "Me" I'm striving to become (a blog post still in the "draft" column with dozens of others) is working on projects well before the 11th hour so that I can enjoy the actual events myself rather than being a sweaty, unkempt mess when the festivities begin. Warning: this may result in even fewer blog posts and more "sum ups".

And while we're on the subject of summing up... (sorry. I don't have the energy for a pithy segue...) Here are a few photos from our anniversary trip to Branson, Missouri covering two days.

A frozen lemonade for two in a souvenir mug at Silver Dollar City.

A photo of my favorite theme park carb - funnel cake! Taken with my phone so I could share the love with a friend.

Let's just assume that the winning score is on mine... from the Flooded Mine ride at Silver Dollar.

After a day at SDC, a timer photo of the happy couple in front of the dancing fountain (that really is dancing, you just can't see it) at Branson Landings before our uncharacteristically under-par dinner at Macaroni Grill.

It pays to fill out the online survey with the number on your receipt - they later mailed us gift certificates equal to the amount of our meal. The "make-up meal" was much better.

Our first hotel room (really a time share place) that really wreaked of cigarette smoke - and was labeled as a non-smoking room.

The hotel very graciously moved us to another room - which was just the opposite layout. And we were able to enjoy the TV of our neighbors all night (thank goodness it was only TV, but hearing their TV changed our agenda a little...) and then their burnt toast set off our smoke alarm in the morning. The connecting doors might need a better seal...

Me and my friend Stacie, also from the great state of Texas, when we met up again at Silver Dollar on our second day.

Really - it's not what you think, or think she's thinking. She was just checking to see if we were... uh... lined up. Which is a sad testimony to the taller of the two girls... :0/

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