Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And In Other News

Contrary to reports you may have heard, I am not dead, nor have I given up blogging.

I'll have you know I've been blogging a LOT... just not finishing the posts and then after a day or so they're horribly outdated by the next big blog-worthy thing and I don't feel like I can publish them.

For an abbreviated update: We (and by this I mean the Royal we and my multiple personalities) are staying up until all hours of the night and wee hours of the morning working on the details for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. I am once again lamenting the fact that I never read those books that come with stuff like photo editing software... I'm guessing it would go faster if I wasn't "doing and undoing" and rather just "doing".

These Anniversary things were all supposed to be secret (yes... I realize this is on the world wide web... but the in-laws don't read my blog often - seeing as how they don't have a computer...) but the proverbial cat has been let out of the bag twice now, that I'm aware of.

We mailed about 50 announcements out to family and close friends. Here's what the announcement said:

Two hearts and lives joined long ago
Bound by love, laughter and tears.
We've surely felt God's blessing
All through these golden years.

On August 30, 1959, two people pledged
themselves to one another.
A marriage partnership lasting the test of time
is certainly something worth honoring.

Their children and grandchildren
are delighted to celebrate the
50th wedding anniversary of
Clarence and Elaine Ourlastname

A "Golden Memories" album is being assembled.
You are invited to send your contribution of
memories or photographs to be included.
They should be received no later than August 14th.
Please send in care of their son
My Babies' Daddy
(Our Home Address)
If you are sending your greetings or high-resolution photos
by email, please send to
(our personal e-mail address).

The in-laws address appeared nowhere on the announcement or the envelope. And yet, a great aunt, that I've never heard of before now, decided to write to the in-laws and say "what a nice photo your son sent of you - I'm not sure I have any memories or photos to share, for the album but maybe if they came to visit me in Florida..." Then this same great aunt wrote to us to tell us she'd written a two page letter and sent it to father-in-law. (sigh.) Oh well. She did have a stroke almost 17 years ago... so I'll give her a pass.

The second leak came from an un-named friend at church that happens to also be a cosmetologist (emphasis on the "cosmos" part...) and fellow blogger. Right now she goes to the back of the line for cake and she just might not get a party favor! This particular friend is a repeat offender... Same sort of thing happened for father-in-law's 75th birthday surprise a few years ago. I'd link you to her blog, but I'm in a sweet mood after getting plenty of rest. (P.S. ... she's on my links list ;0)

To her credit, my mother-in-law is pretending like she doesn't know what's going on yet. And I suppose there are still some surprises... she doesn't know what the color scheme will be for her golden anniversary party...

After a successful 7 hour defrag and re-boot I'm ready to face another day in the party planning trenches.

Stay tuned - photos will follow.



    Sunday night at the kids "BACK TO School supper" where the MIL came to support, I asked how Sabbath was and if she enjoyed her cake?

    Which I asked SARA via text on FRIDAY if it was happening the next day Saturday and I have it saved on phone "YES!" she replied.

    So I'm thinking well I won't make the banana pudding..but the next morning I'm running fever and stayed home. Sooo I assume it's ok to say "sorry I missed it and hope you had a nice time."

    Otherwise she would think me rude.

    And I didn't say a word to her about the "real" surprise, she's the one who told me she knew something was up and but was told not to ask a thing.

    I just smiled and said "oh well who knows? I thought your anniversary was this weekend."

    So there it's NOT ON ME this time..but for future references I'm planning on ducking around the rest of your family cause they are always getting me into trouble!


  2. Even though they may not be surprised you are a wonderful party planner....they will love it anyways I am sure!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!
    Hugs, :) Heather S.

  3. You are the best! Thank you for all that you have done and are doing to make this celebration extra special and unique. We are enjoying our time here with you and the family very much. LYS!

  4. Hmmm. I don't have that cell text... I only have the one last Friday of you asking "is now a good time to come by and grab the nuts?" to which I replied "yes - Brian's home". Soo... you should forward that text back to me so I can clear your name publicly ;0)

    Oh... lest we end up tabloid fodder... the "nuts" to which she referred were some pecans I picked up at Costco for her.

    Nothing to see here... move along...

  5. OK whew! It's hot in here! And the nut thing...glad you cleared THAT up!

    It's hard to keep a secret when you're thinking about nuts.

    I hope everything goes great! Lisa~


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