Saturday, March 7, 2009

You Gotta (re)Start Somewhere

Alright already. I hear you.

No… I’m not dead. But I will admit that my blogging life has been a bit.

The other day I went looking for my calm serene life, but it seems that somebody has moved it from where I left it. All that’s left now is the chaos of jumping from event to event. Something has happened and every month is as busy as only December used to be.

Being caught up in living it all (read: recovering) I’ve neglected to tell you, my faithful four readers, about what’s been going on that has kept me from the ol’ blog-a-roo. The irony of it all? My four faithful readers already know exactly what’s been going on, because they’re usually THERE in the midst of it. But yet…somehow they manage to find time to blog. My guess is their houses must be a MESS! Of course, completely opposite of my own immaculate dwelling… (cough, cough)

And so ends the quarter of a year break since my last post. If you're lucky I won't catch you up...

Here we go again.


  1. OH! Good girl!

    While I'm wayyyy better(gsg)at keeping my "fans"occupied..I was hoping you would do somethin somethin and u never dissappoint!

    I've been up pre-posting incase my arms wouldn't be able to reach out to my key board for awhile..sniff sniff.

    And about the clean houses ..pfht..that's just over-rated!

    You only need to be able to walk through, some places.

    Glad to have motivated you..ha!

  2. I was shocked to see that you had updated. It's nice to "read" you again. Lisa~

  3. I check in here because I just love your sense of humor! I have been meaning to tell you that for some time now and just never had so there you have it. You totally crack me up!

  4. I was so excited to see you had finally posted Sara!!!
    A clean house is so over rated...

  5. All I can say is I am shocked to see something new...WAAA HOO!!!!
    :) Heather

  6. Yay, you blogged!

    Looking forward to seeing you do it more often :P

  7. I thought I was one of the four, but I'm not sure I made the roll call. I had almost givin' up, friend! Sooooo glad you've decided to rejoin the blogosphere! You too funny not to.


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