Sunday, June 8, 2008

Clearly Guilty

How did June arrive so soon? And now a week is gone already!

I've got so much catching up to do that I'm just going to do it as I can - and that will hafta mean that I do my posts kinda out of order. So today I present to you a post I should have made last month right after I attended a class at Archiver's.

I was pretty jazzed about attending the class - it was for Acrylic Albums and was quite tough to get in to. In fact, the class filled up so fast that they had to see if the company would provide materials to host more classes. I got myself on a waiting list and when they did get a couple more classes on the calendar they gave me a call and I signed my mom-in-law and I up, even though it was more than a two hour drive from us.

Honestly, I expected we'd get a little more instruction to do with Acrylic Albums with the class, but I may have missed some of it since I was tardy… there weren’t any “tips” on the printed material either – just basically check to see that things line up nicely. And the album only had the acrylic front and back cover and one transparency page in the middle somewhere. Didn’t really meet my expectation as an “acrylic ALBUM”.

They did stamp (with those awesome Fancy Pants 6x6 acrylic stamps like my friend Colleen has in her store Journey Lane – I treated myself to some a couple of visits ago…) and said to use the Staz On ink. Just give it a good dry time – front or back, doesn’t matter which side you stamp – it shows through.

We punched a 1 ½ inch hole in one little page, put a big Making Memories Grommet in it and used a 2 ½ inch scalloped circle punch on the next page under the hole (and also made a “frame” for the hole by punching a 1 ½ inch circle then rim punching it with the scallop punch. That stuck on the back of the page to cover the grommet prongs. It was important to stack those pages with the binding lined up and make sure the hole was aligned with the scallop punch circle on the next page. Make sense??

Using double sided papers would be great – otherwise you can put a solid cardstock mat around your papers and stick patterns to both sides. Example: 4x4 black mat with 3x3 patterned paper in the middle stuck to side A, then 3x3 patterned paper stuck to side B. Watch the adhesive only goes in the middle where it will be covered on the opposite side. OR, you can cover adhesive boo boos with embellishments – just be sure you hide the adhesive on those too.

I may have missed extra tips at the beginning of the class, but I doubt it – I was coming up with hints for people in the class that the instructor wasn’t…

I was a little late getting there since I had to stop for a speeding ticket… dumb cop… don’t they realize we’re speeding cuz we’re LATE!? Then they slow us down more taking their sweet time writing the ticket and we’re forced to drive even faster once they’re out of our rear view mirror!! He says, “Is there some emergency??” and I’m thinking (not saying) “well YEAH – I’m late for a scrapbooking class…could you put a rush on this please???!”

The greatest part of the story is I can blame the entire ticket on my DH!

I’m driving along these ‘back roads’ for the last two hours and I’m about 20 minutes (at my current speed) from my final destination. I'm using my cruise control (which I rarely do) setting my cruise on 80 in 70 mph zones. I see that the speed drops to 55 so I turn off the cruise and start slowing down (intending to set it again at 60 – hey… I never said I didn’t deserve the ticket…) And suddenly my cell phone rings. It’s my darling husband, just checking in with me…

him: “Hey, how’s it goin’? Oh, listen… if, for some reason, you should get stopped, tell them I have the new registration sticker for the van, I just haven’t put it in the window yet…”
me: I’m sorry honey, I can't talk right now – I need to PULL OVER!!! There are flashing lights in my rear view mirror!!”
him: “Nah…yer kidding, right??”
me: “Uh – NO…thanks so much for calling though… Hi officer – would you like to hear a funny story?… No, huh?”

I contend that I wouldn’t have gotten distracted from slowing down if he hadn’t called me with his ‘just in case’ information.

So you want to know how expensive the class became?

The class was $15 – not bad at all since you received all your class materials for that. The gas was obviously a huge expense at $54 for the tank… (that was way back in May before gas prices were so high…) The speeding ticket was $163 – luckily I only got a warning for the expired inspection and vehicle registration – that would have been another $270, not to mention the $395 ticket for failing to have my updated insurance card with me…(again, responsibility with my darling) that would have been a total of $828 if you’re keeping track…Then there were the expected shopping charges for being in a great store – I believe that was about $98 (but all cash I’d saved for the occasion…) I came home with a couple of pieces of paper, that 2 ½ inch scallop punch, the 12 inch platform for my QK Revolution and the 12 inch scallop strip dies. Too bad I forgot my 30% off one item coupon, huh?

So – I ended up spending $330 on that $15 class… Thankfully my MIL (along for the whole fun time) picked up dinner at Chili’s after the class. I’m pretty sure she felt sorry for me…

If you're considering taking up scrapbooking as a hobby you might want to mull that over a bit more (and possibly speak with a financial planner...)


  1. Although you post way too seldom (IMnotsoHO), you never disappoint! Funnnnny!!! Funnnnny! Funnnny!

    I got my husband OUT of a ticket once: leaving F'burg one night he starts going pretty fast. I say, "Hey, you might want to slow down. It's not 70 yet and there is usually a cop right... oh! there he is!"
    Dh tells the cop the story who says, "We're that predictable, eh?" and lets dh off with 2 warnings: one from him and one from me. Ü

  2. Only you could turn a not so funny moment into one...Guess I was right about's very expensive!

    Cute post..keep'em comin ;0D

  3. So funny (well, in a sad way)Sarah! Don't you hate days like that?

  4. I am loving srappin, I will say I would rather spend that kind of money on stuff to scrap with and not on the ticket thing so much ;) ;) Heather S.

  5. What can I say - only you! I thought that people with kids didn't drive that fast anymore - isn't your insurance cheaper for that reason? I guess MIL's don't count for that kind of discount? The important thing is that you had FUN and got away from the kids for the afternoon - it doesn't really matter what you are doing? Does it?


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