Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes - I'm Still Here

Life has just been pretty busy lately.

There's a lot I need to blog about, like Jacob's 8th birthday, my partial weekend in Dallas scrapping with some dear friends, Michaela's new can of pee (canopy) over her bed and her new desire to keep a neat room (PTL!), my neat and tidy scrapbook room (following a "clean your room" challenge), The spiritual retreats I've attended lately, being less than 2 pounds from my first weight loss goal of 51 pounds (yay me!), Zachary attending cotillion classes again... And I'm sure a lot more.

But right now I'm too far behind to stop and blog. I promise to get back to it soon, though.

While I'm on a little bloggy break, please continue to pray for my cousin, Margie. She started chemo for her lymphoma yesterday. You'll never find "chemo" on a list of fun things to do... Prayers for God's will, healing, strength, personal peace and renewal are appreciated.

Back to whatever it is I was doing before...


  1. Yea! You posted.
    Ok, I'll let you take your little break.
    Prayed for your cousin!
    in Him,

  2. Prayers being said for your cousin!


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