Wednesday, February 6, 2008


That's supposed to sound like that guy that announces for the big soccer games...

You might notice that my weight loss ticker (on the right) has changed. Had to make a new one! I met the goal on my first one - with a loss of 51 pounds - this morning. I "jumped" on the scale after the morning "void" and it dipped below the 200 mark for a second then popped up an even 200.0 And that was even without me exfoliating or cleaning the wax out of my ears first!

That puts me just over halfway to my BIG goal of 101 pounds. So now I'm on my way for the second goal - only this time I don't have as much to lose - only 50 pounds instead of 51 ;0)

I'm still looking forward to making the change on the scale at the gym - but they frown upon folks weighing in their night shirts and underwear there... So it will be a few more days, so that I can lose the weight of my workout clothes and shoes as well.

Losing weight is not impossible. It is hard, but it's really not that bad - or even bad at all... Especially when your trainer is the Almighty! I'll just go ahead and say it out loud... I LIKE working out at the gym - even if I do end up sweating... (show of hands...who wants to wash my mouth out with soap now???) I've lost weight before without the exercise, but it really doesn't work or last. You know that already, don't you?

It's been interesting to look back over the little index card progress charts I've kept in the past. I may have weighed less then, but my measurements are smaller now. That tone makes a big difference. Ten pounds heavier looks a lot different when it means an extra inch and a half OFF your backside.

Thanks for all your encouraging words - I really hope that more of you will join me on this adventure. It's got a lot of benefits!


  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been doing my walking because of the flu but I started back up today and will be doing it over the next few days cause it is supposed to be beautiful.

  2. Yahhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooie!!
    I am sooo proud (I wish there was a different English word to convey the same meaning without implying I had anything to do with it, YKWIM?) of you!!! Man, that's sooo great. Good for body and soul!

    I'm toasing my iced tea to you, friend!

    mucho love,

  3. Doin' the happy dance for you! Congratulations!!!!

  4. How awesome Sara. You're doing so great.... I wish I could just hug you in person. But - {hugs} will have to do for now...
    Thanks for the reminder to exercise. I suppose I should be keeping track - but I never want to admit to myself how much I really need to lose (weight or inches)...


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