Friday, December 21, 2007

...And a Partridge on a Paint Can

I found out we were exchanging gifts with friends that we'd agreed not to exchange gifts with this year - so I checked the budget (odd for me...) and decided I'd make something.

I pulled these Basic Grey papers from my stash. They are from the Dasher collection and are Bunny Hill (stripe), Snowbank (snowflakes) and Partridge in a Pear Tree (partridge, branches and berries cut out). The Snowbank isn't on their site... but it's seen it the collection pack there.

The can itself was very easy - just a 2-1/2 inch strip around the middle. Then I cut the partridge, berries and branches from the other paper and glued it to the can. I used Stickles glitter by Ranger to "applique" the partridge to the can. For these predominantly blue and green papers I used Waterfall, Frosted Lace, Crystal, Xmas Red and Pink. I also accented each (yes, each) snowflake with a small dot of the Frosted Lace in the center and I used the Crystal to accent the underlying floral pattern on the striped paper. My favorite is that Xmas Red though... it looked like ruby slippers in a bottle to me, and I just had to have it. Same with the new Making Memories, Cranberry paint. I must have this paint collection... just love it. I see some red, light blue, brown and pink Valentines on the horizon... I'm still very fond of the light blue and red combination.

The ribbon is just some from my stash - came in 10 and 15 yard rolls. Gotta love that.

Oh - what's inside, you ask?
Why, homemade caramel corn, my dear. My finest ever - thanks to some tips from my mom. Got the temp just right this time. I guess you *can't* cook everything faster with a higher temperature...


  1. This is just gorgeous! I love all the Stickles and your partridge.
    Happy Christmas preparations!

  2. I'm with Shari...GORGEOUS! I think that this has got to be your best "Project" ever!

    Miss Ya...
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ohhh this is so pretty what great idea and homemade all the way around that is cool!!!! Heather S.


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