Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 More

Quick check in - it's been six days since I was at the gym last - this time of year gets so busy... but I made it in this evening for a 30 minute ride on the elliptical in "fat burning" mode.

Yup... Two more pounds for a total loss so far of 33 pounds and 35 1/4 inches since the middle of August. And that's with water retention and a little truffle backslide the other night!

It's weird - cuz I know there's a difference - but then I still see a huge task (pun intended) ahead of me. I still have 68 pounds to go to my goal... I look in the mirror and I can still get very discouraged. Yes - my jeans are a lot more loose, I've got room to fold them over in the rear and thighs - even shirts are fitting better... but they're still pretty big and they're not falling off yet so that I can't wear them.

When I start to feel that way I have to grab my measuring tape - but sometimes there's not a significant loss of inches in the "important" areas. It's very difficult to measure a back hump or be appreciative of thinner ankles and wrists... So to encourage myself, I wrap the tape around me at my beginning measurement and I can see the difference in a real tangible way. I can feel a difference in my health too.

Oh - and walking in my high heels has become a lot easier, as has going up and down stairs!

So I'll keep pluggin' away at it... pound by pound and quarter inch by quarter inch. I'm almost one third of the way there. Eighteen more and I'll reach my first goal - which is to clank the big chunky weight on the bottom of that scale DOWN 50 pounds!

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