Wednesday, July 8, 2009

19 on 07/08/09

Never again will we hit oh 7, oh 8, oh 9.

We picked the date 7-8-90 because we liked the way it looked - and because we couldn't wait any longer... Obviously (I hope) this dress wasn't picked for an early July wedding in Southwest Florida... November was the original plan - but then education got in the way and delayed the plans a bit. If I did it again, what I've seen on "Bridezillas" , "My Fair Wedding", "Platinum Weddings", "Say "Yes" to the Dress" and a host of other educational shows, tells me I should have just bought another dress when we changed the date.
When speaking of the last 19 years (which have gone by at breakneck speed)...

I could say "blissful" but that would be lying.

I could say "uneventful", but that also, would be lying.

"Bump-free-smooth-sailing"... another lie.

But interesting, boring, encouraging, everlasting, enduring, educating, illuminating, frustrating, comfortable, uncomfortable, challenging, infuriating, infatuating, spiritual, Barnum and Bailey-esque, liberating, confining, trying, exciting, exhilarating, exhausting, hilarious, depressing, heart pumping, puzzling, adrenaline rushing, average, below average and above average would all be correct. That's more positive than negative, by the way. Guess that's why it works.

Would I marry him again? Absolutely. But I'd buy the crinoline slip next time, ditch the honeycomb bells and have more of the cake.

We're headed for "happily ever after" with some stops along the way.


  1. Happy anniversary! Just remember it's all about the journey!

    Love ya!

  2. Wow....lots A LOT of descriptions there my friend! Happy Anniversary....wishing you a great 19+ more!!!!
    Hugs, :) Heather S.

  3. the second pix looks like he's pulling you down the road quickly..he's been in a hurry ever since, right? Ha!

  4. Happy Anniversary - so glad you married my brother so we could be sisters!
    LYS and to my bro, too.

  5. Week put my friend. Sounds like a healthy marriage to me ;) here's to 50 more...clink.


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