Saturday, June 6, 2009

Did You Hear That?

It was me, cracking my knuckles, rolling my shoulders and pivoting my head in preparation of recommencing blogging.

Yes... it's been "awhile" again... I know you tire (both of you) of telling me I haven't blogged in "awhile". But I did figure something out.

My camera hasn't been communicating with my puter (until VERY recently) and I haven't had access to my photos, or more precisely, no way to get them off the camera and onto the puter - and people seem pretty annoyed when I try to scroll through my latest cute photos on a 1 1/2 inch by 2 inch screen - you'd think I'd had them watching a three hour slide presentation on my trip to Niagara Falls. (which, incidentally, I've never taken...)

It's not nearly as exciting to tell you about my daily adventures without the photos to PROVE that yes, things can really be that strange.

Imagine - the tan lines on my feet are so weird from spending Little Olympics practice and games in the sun wearing my interesting flip flops. Well... you just had to be there, I guess.

See? Not entertaining at ALL.
Now, with any luck, you'll have a real post again very soon - right after I figure out what to do for my baby daughter's 7th birthday tomorrow...

And yes... I KNOW there's still an Easter photo in my header... all things come with time...


  1. Well, well. Look at you all typing and making short blog posts. It's nice to hear from you (aside from the 16 texts I get from you every day). I look forward to seeing those pictures soon! Lisa~

  2. Haha there is that humor that I grew to love while at the moms meetings I miss so much! Glad to see you are back!


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