Tuesday, September 4, 2007

There's A Change Comin'

Progress is being made in the WL (weight loss) department. I had a strage sort of set back last week. I have no idea why I dropped to the 10 lbs. lost mark so quickly - but it was short lived. I was up 5 lbs. the very next day. Me thinks it must have something to do with pms... but there was NO (hand on bible) chocolate involved.

The GOOD news is - I continued to lose inches!!!

I'm measuring every Sunday and writing it down on an index card. I've done this before and found a couple of old index cards in my sock drawer. It's interesting to see the past... I usually did this after having babies.

So anywho - I measured yesterday and since my last report I'm down another 5 3/4 inches!!! So far I'm down a solid 8 lbs. since August 16 (that's 18 days) and...
  • 1 1/2 inches off my bust
  • 2 inches off my waist
  • 1 1/2 inches off my lower abs (a measurement all the mommies out there understand...)
  • 2 1/2 inches off my hips
  • 1/2 inch from my right upper thigh and 3/4 of an inch from my left
  • 3/4 of an inch from my right lower thigh and 1/2 of an inch from my left
That's a total of 10 inches!

I'm working really hard, though. I've discovered that when I started at the gym last fall (and then fell off the wagon in January - what's THAT about??? Oooh yea...I forgot about the month of muscle spasms I went through...) I wasn't really working that hard at it. I'd get my heart rate up some and walk for 15 or maybe 20 minutes and do some weight stuff. Then I could go home and change clothes.

Well now I'm dripping wet after a 45 minute bout on the treadmill at 3.9 mph at a slight incline. And the prayer is working miracles. I'm resisting the tempting snacks at night and during the day and the breads and rolls. Oatmeal with apples never tasted so good (cept' maybe in an apple crisp...but if you close your eyes...)

We leave on a trip in one week and we'll be gone for a week... I need to check to see if our hotel has a gym and if it doesn't - make a plan to keep up the momentum!

Watch out... I'm eventually going to add one of those annoying tickers to my blog...

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